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In 1982 K.R. Ramanathan bought his first rope manufacturing machinery hoping to become a leading textile business. 35 years later and VSR Textiles is still operating as one of the leading manufacturing companies in India. During this time, VSR Textiles has reached its success by acquiring high quality manufacturing machineries, hiring and training a highly skilled management staff to help meet the company’s needs, and continually providing excellent customer service from start to finish. While this success has been great, our core mission and vision has always been the same from the beginning: To Provide our customers around the world with the best quality Tapes and Ropes for their desired end products.

Our mission is to manufacture high quality Tapes and Ropes to supply to companies making quality finished products around the world at a competitive price.

An indian based company that can produce about 10 TON of Tapes and Ropes per day, with our dedicated manufacturing units. Our products come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and can be exported to major cities around the world.

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